Proviron – A.K.A. Mesterolone is usually a drug that goes by various names, many of the names which Proviron has been seen going by means of are, Mestilon tabs, Restore Tabs, and also Provironum Tabs.

It has been noticed around lab tests that at a dose of 100mgs/day Proviron through itself does not have effect on FSH and even LH levels within the blood. FSH and LH end up being the 2 hormones which instruct your body to build testosterone. With that property, Proviron can be a well known choice for bridging. Bridging may be the practice of slowly stepping down dosage of external testosterone while supplementing with a thing that does not suppress all-natural testosterone production, it has additionally been noticed that Proviron truly raises the particular user’s LH levels. As such Proviron is some of the best bridging supplements that presently there is.

Overall Impression of Proviron

Consequently, Proviron has it’s uses, it’s exceptional being an additive, both as a safety measure (nobody wants to look like bob from fight club) and as the booster to the actual potency of the many other anabolic steroids you’re using. As well as, Proviron functions rather well as a bridging steroid, when coming off the cycle it’s a fabulous idea to start exchanging even more steroids together with proviron as an individual cycle down.

Proviron a “Safe” Oral Steroid

As far as Safety goes, For an oral anabolic Proviron is widely considered safe. This is largely due to it’s chemical structure, Proviron is absolutely not just the c17 alpha alkylated substance, it’s orally active through the same 1-methylation which primobolan has, therefore it has a lot lower risk of liver toxicity than many some other oral anabolic steroids.


Typically when an athlete is coming off external testosterone health supplements he will need something to guide kickstart natural testosterone production and even decrease the particular properties of the temporary slump around all-natural testosterone creation. the 100mg/day dose of proviron (taken as 4x 25mg tabs a day, spaced out evenly) is a good start, after the 1st weeks time it’s recommended to decrease dosage through 25mg/day each week’s time.