Generic Name: Methenolone
Best known as: Primo, Bolli, Bolan
Manufacturer: Schering
Androgenic / Anabolic Ratio: 88/44-57

Methenolone’s chemical formula is C20H30O2

Primobolan is actually a Dihydroboldenone derivative and also as such can not aromatize in to estrogen.

Primobolan is both by mouth active and also able to be injected intramuscularly.

Primobolan (methenolone acetate) has a well deserved reputation as an effective oral steroid, due to it is relative safety, effectiveness, and numerous celebrity atheletes accidentally endorsing it through receiving caught using it.

Primobolan’s Injectable form, sometimes known as Primobolan Depot is Methenolone Enanthate. Primobolan injections tend to end up being a lot even more effective, largely due to the enhanced bio-availability, a person don’t need to worry relating to pissing it all away considering that it’s bypassing your digestive system altogether.

Considering that Primobolan tablets end up being fairly pricey, and even with how much you must take, Primobolan is not really a poor man’s steroid as a result of any measure. However on the off chance that your health is vital to an individual, and also it should get, the particular price tag totally makes sense.

Because of it’s inability to become aromatized in to estrogenic compounds, Along with primobolan (both oral and also injectable primobolan) an individual don’t need to worry relating to feminizing results like water retention, zits, and gynecomastasia. due to these differences primobolan has become quite prominent as the “safe” anabolic steroid.

Recovery from Testosterone suppression and also the capability to pass preformance improvement tests are often two of the most widespread reasons to can come off a primobolan cycle, as far as giving yourself a kickstart for recovery of testosterone creation there are often very few options, having said that there are actually many creative bridging techniques readily available by using the particular use of proviron or perhaps other similar steroids.

By using Primobolan you are trading the bit higher price range than testosterone for increased safety, considering that Primobolan is generally higher priced than testesterone or even deca, yet not by a lot and the extra safety and precision are well worth the actual increased price.